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World Heritage Knife - An open source multi function pocket knife

This wiki is to design and create a modular multi function pocket knife, and various "tool blades" under the GPL license. The knife will allow anyone to assemble a custom pocket knife of their own design to fit their wants or needs. It is hoped that one or more manufacturers will pick up on the idea and make the parts for this knife in bulk simplifying the creation of the knife for the masses. It is also hoped those manufacturers as well as professional knife makers the world over will contribute to the open source knife catalog.

This project was started due to the realization that the S.A. Knife is the most versatile tool, beneficial to people in ALL walks of life. However, neither of the S.A. knife manufacturers nor any of their clones make a modular version for people to create a single knife that fills all of their needs without innumerable functions they don't need bulking up the knife.

The name World Heritage Knife was chosen, because the Swiss Army is not the "target market", "Swiss Army Knife" is a registered trade make shared by the Victorinox and Wenger Corporations. And as a GPL'd project, this new knife will belong to the world until the end of time.

The exact specifications of a World Heritage Knife are not defined. Instead a set of specifications for specific parts will be defined, to keep the knife modular. The parts to be specified are the hinges which will be made to accomodate several locking mechanisms. And the locking mechanisms the hinges accommodate. A looser set of optional specifications will be made, for manufacturers to make parts that work interchangeablely with parts from other manufacturers. The final feature set of the World Heritage Knife will be up to the builder.


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